FEVO – Bringing out the creativity in you
Express your individuality with
the new FEVO prepaid MasterCard
What is FEVO for?
FEVO is a MasterCard branded payment card that you can personalise!

Personalisation: Make this card truly yours by putting your favourite photo on it!
Whether it's a beautiful nature shot, your baby's first smile or a portrait of you and your loved ones, capture your special moments on your FEVO prepaid MasterCard. Through our simple online process, you can upload a photo or choose from our gallery selection to add a personal touch to your FEVO.

Prepaid: The convenience of card-based purchasing.
No annual fee, no age and no minimum income requirement. As FEVO is a prepaid card, the value you load in is what you spend*. Simple as that.

* excluding cost of card.

Accepted widely: Use it everywhere!
FEVO is a payment card and you can use FEVO anywhere MasterCard is accepted. This means that you can even make purchases and payments over the phone or internet. FEVO is a convenient alternative to conventional credit cards or internet banking.

Purchase, top up and view balance and transaction history online
At www.fevocard.com, you can purchase and top up your FEVO prepaid MasterCard, as well as check your card balance and view your transaction history.

Merchant benefits: Exclusive offers with your FEVO prepaid MasterCard
Use your FEVO and enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts from popular clothing and lifestyle brands. Visit www.fevocard.com to see all our FEVO merchant benefits.

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Who is FEVO for?
As a prepaid card, FEVO is a powerful tool to enable one to learn financial responsibility and practice good spending habits. Top up the card with a specific value, review spending habits online and enjoy peace of mind that your child has a convenient, flexible and safe way to pay for their expenses. FEVO prepaid MasterCard is the way to start one out on the road to financial responsibility and independence.

Personal: Personalised Prepaid Purchasing Power
FEVO prepaid MasterCard gives you the convenience of card-based purchasing along with the freedom to express your creativity. Top up only the amount you want to spend! FEVO can be topped up with an initial value ranging from $20 to $100 and you can use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted (at over 28.5 million locations worldwide and over the internet and phone!). Best of all, you can put your favourite photo on the card itself to show the world your creativity!

Gift: The Perfect Personalised Gift
Whether it's a birthday, wedding, graduation or other occasion, give the gift of choice with FEVO prepaid MasterCard. Recipients will enjoy the flexibility to use FEVO wherever MasterCard is accepted and also be touched by the thoughtfulness of a personalised image on the card face. FEVO offers the uniqueness of that personal touch. Surprise your recipient with a unique gift handed by you personally or delivered by mail!

Corporate: FEVO Corporate
Create a corporate FEVO prepaid MasterCard; with logo, colours and company name, that can be offered as a reward or incentive to your employees and clients. Along with the flexibility and convenience of FEVO, your company will be remembered every time the card is used!

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How to get it?

Step 1: Original or Personalised?

Enjoy all the features of FEVO with the FEVO Original card, or create your own FEVO by uploading a picture or choosing from our gallery selection.


Step 2: Choose your prepaid value.

Top up your FEVO with an initial value starting from $20, up to a maximum of $100.


Step 3: Fill in your order and payment details.

Enter your delivery and contact information and indicate whether this card is for yourself or a gift for someone else. Fill in your payment details and confirm your order!


Step 4: Receive your FEVO card via mail!

After submission, we will process your order and you should receive your card within 7 days (or 14 days if you are creating your own FEVO)* from date of order!

*If you are creating your own FEVO, your image will have to be reviewed and approved before the order can be processed. This is to ensure that it meets our Image Guidelines . You will receive a notification.

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How to activate it?

Activate your card to start using FEVO! Follow these simple steps to active your card.

You'll need the following information to login:

  • Card Number (16 digits on the front of your FEVO prepaid MasterCard)
  • FEVO Password (your FEVO Password can be found in the email that was sent to you when you purchased your FEVO card)
  • CVC Code (the 3 digits printed at the signature panel on the reverse side of the card)

Your FEVO will be activated upon your first login. You will be prompted to change your password for security purposes. Now you can start using your FEVO wherever MasterCard is accepted!

After you log in, you have the option to register your FEVO. Registering your card consists of entering your personal information (name, address, contact number, email), so that we can link the card directly to you. Register with us in order to top up your FEVO prepaid MasterCard with additional funds, increase your stored value limit and lost/stolen card protection. In the event of theft or loss, only a card that is registered can be blocked.

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Where to use it?

FEVO prepaid MasterCard opens the doors further to the convenience of card-based purchasing. Where can you use FEVO? Here are just a couple of options:

  • Use it at over 28.5 million MasterCard outlets worldwide, locally in Singapore or when travelling overseas
  • Safe for internet purchases or for mail-order and telephone order transactions
  • To enjoy further benefits with our merchant partners! View your FEVO benefits here.

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